Mediation/Arbitration Fee Schedule

If a party wishes to discuss with me either a mediation or arbitration, please feel free to contact me at the office. My law office has sufficient space with a conference room (seats 8 people) and additional legal offices available. If the parties wish to arbitrate/mediate at an agreed-upon location, I would be willing to travel to said location.

Non-Binding Mediation
The hourly rate for a non-binding mediation session will be $400/2 parties; $500/3 or more parties. It will be shared equally either between or amongst the parties: Sessions can be scheduled for various lengths depending on the needs of the parties and the case.

The hourly rate for an arbitration session will be $400/2 parties; $500/3 or more parties to be shared equally between or amongst the parties.

Arbitrator’s fee for review of materials prior to the arbitration and post-arbitration will be $400. The hourly rate would remain the same whether the decision is either a non-reasoned decision or a reasoned decision, as requested by the parties.

Fixed fee: Please note that in addition to the hourly rate for mediation/arbitration, there is a separate fixed administrative of $150 that is paid equally by the parties for preparation of Agreement to Mediate/Arbitrate, scheduling/rescheduling emails, adjustments, and other administrative requirements necessary for mediations/arbitrations. (Effective March 1, 2013)

Travel Time
If the parties decide to hold either a non-binding mediation or arbitration at an agreed-upon location other than my office at 25 Braintree Hill Office Park, Suite 408, Braintree, MA, I will travel to the location; my commuting time would be $100 per hour to be shared equally between or amongst the parties. Directions to my office are located on the website, or will be provided upon request.

Payments forwarded to the office for Glynn Mediation should be made payable to John B. Glynn.

Cancellation Policy
If a party either cancels or requests a continuance of a scheduled mediation/arbitration within ten (10) days prior to the date said mediation/arbitration is scheduled, canceling party will be billed $400. If the continuance is requested by both parties then the parties will still be billed $400 and the expense of the cancellation will be shared equally.